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when i'm here, i'm not an author. i'm just a girl with an overexcessive attachment to disney, magic, panic!, fob, and mexican food.


Oh Captain, My Captain.

Today at Aladdin A Musical Spectacular at Disney’s California Adventure, Genie paid tribute to a friend he’ll never have again.

RIP Robin.

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Addiction of the day.

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New repeat song for the night. Can’t fight these bad intentions. ;)

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This just popped on my feed… and now I need to watch Pocahontas. But I need to write more… crap.

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Must. Dance. Because. Peppy music!

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Get ready to feel the eruption! Meet Kea and Blake in Hot-Blooded by Kendall Grey!  #HotBlooded #OhanaIsEverything

Get ready to feel the eruption! Meet Kea and Blake in Hot-Blooded by Kendall Grey! #HotBlooded #OhanaIsEverything

Oh hell, I needed this. RIGHT NOW. Perfect song to dance to while breaking through the brain block.

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The only thing worse than having cancer...


Last week, Sabrina, my 8/9yo, healthy, happy French Bulldog, had a grand mal seizure in the early morning. I rushed her to the emergency vet, who couldn’t find anything wrong with her, so the next day we took her to the veterinary neurologist and she had an MRI. They diagnosed her with a brain…

Always supporting Michelle and her amazing ability to write. It breaks my heart to hear one of her little babies has this. 

If any of you have ever read any of Michelle’s works, please help spread the news about her books! Post up reviews on online sources (Amazon, B&N, you know the drill) share things online about her books, and if you haven’t read any of her stories yet, DO IT NOW. Her books are addicting to the max, and they should be in everyone’s hands.